Creepy comment

Yes, I’ve been doing Digital History research over break. And I just got a weird comment on the Chatham work. I checked and similar ones are also on Amy’s other two that mention George Washington. The comments don’t seem to make sense, but they are selections from the posted text, with some words substituted for others, such as ‘martyr’ for George, ‘pedagogue’ for Washington, and ‘trinity’ for ‘three.’ I can’t reach the page of the source link, because I get a message saying “The website you are trying to view has been suspended due to a breach of our Acceptable Use Policy.”  These comments, called ‘pingbacks,’ creep me out. I don’t know whether I should flag it as spam, or delete it w/o flagging it (the two options I have).

One Response to “Creepy comment”

  1. jmcclurken Says:

    Flag it as spam….